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"I staden växer ett fält" Malmö konsthall 1.10 2022 - 15.1 2023

50 konstnärer i Malmö 


Lars Embäck: Indian ink drawings The Trace and Echo 

Participating artists

Anna Andersson, Marianne Andersson Embäck, Sergio Augusto, Kah Bee Chow, Anita Christoffersson, Lars Embäck, Zardasht Faraj, Carola Grahn, Astrid Göransson, Sigrid Holmwood, Bo Hylander, Torsten Hylander, Andreas Johansson, Cia Kanthi, Tamara de Laval, LealVeileby, Iman Mohammed, Mariella Ottosson, Samaneh Roghani, Julia Selin, Magnus Thierfelder Tzotzis, Jonelle Twum, Rasmus Ramö Streith, Thale Vangen, Charlotte Walentin, Amin Zouiten, Jon Åkerlind. I Johan Nahojs verk On-hold medverkar Kah Bee Chow, Petter Dahlström Persson, Nils Ekman, Mattias Eliasson, Ingrid Furre, Helen Haskakis, Ingvild Hovland Kaldal, Ingela Ihrman, EB Itso, Gabriel Karlsson, Johan F Karlsson, Ellinor Lager, Young Jae Lih, Ariadna Mangrané, Marcus Matt, Jennifer Myerscough, David Nilson, Olof Nimar, Joana Pereira, Jennifer Sameland, Joakim Sandqvist, Selma Sjöstedt och Matti Sumari




spleen nordic

A father and a mother are scarred in separate traffic accidents. In the family home, the effects of their trauma ring like an echo in the lives of their children.

Several decades later, Lars Embäck explores and processes memories of a compli­cated childhood through writing, drawing and collage. In parallel, the past as it has been preserved in medical records, official transcripts, photographs and newspaper cuttings are open to him and the reader. Together, the two parts reflect each other like changeable repetitions in an elusive pattern.

"Family Life" is the culmination of more than two decades of exhibitions, art­works and installations in which the artist Lars Embäck has tried to address the legacy of his difficult childhood and his relationship to his troubled parents.

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gibca extended/spleen nordic 2021

texts: Ulf Peter Hallberg, Thomas Millroth and Lars Embäck